Coarse-toothed Stripping Knife


Electro-coated blade

Coarse toothed, blunt edges

Short blade to allow stripping in concentrated areas around body and legs

Plastic material for softer grip

Easy plucking with a quick twist movement.

Product Feature

An essential tool for grooming, this simple yet indispensable implement strips off top coat around body and leg areas. Best use before preparing the pet for bathing. With coarse edges on a fine toothed comb, hand stripping unwanted hair enhances the coat’s texture.

Its blade is made of Japanese stainless steel, and is methodically ground, electro-coated, and polished to give it the sturdiness needed to do all the stripping and plucking tasks. And this is fitted with an easy-to-grip slender PVC handle.

Overall, the HL- PK00601 stripping knife is the only tool needed to make the pet’s coat as neat as it can be.

Blade material: 18/0 Japanese-made stainless steel

Handle material: PVC

Blade dimensions: 20mm (w), 34.5mm (l)

Blade thickness: 1mm

Total length: 150mm