Stainless Steel Broad Claw Trimmers


Safety metal tab

Screw type fulcrum

Broad curved blades

Spring-loaded curved PVC handles (red)

Japanese-made stainless steel blades

Product Feature

This is an essential tool to help ensure that there are no uncut nails that may cause piercing of paw pads, which may lead to infection or debilitating pain if not properly trimmed. It features sturdy curved Japanese-made stainless steel blades that are methodically ground and sharpened to stay sharp to handle grooming. It also features easy-to-grip slender handles so trimming can be hassle-free.

Added features include a safety metal tab to prevent over trimming nails and the quick, and curved handles for users with larger hands.

Blade material: 18/0 Japanese-made stainless steel

Handle material: PVC

Trimmer size: 40.5mm (w), 65mm (l)

Blade thickness: 1.5mm

Total length: 131mm