Coffee Spoon & Dessert Fork w/ Theme Handle Tip Ornament Set


* Theme handle tip ornament (customizable design)

* 18/8 Japanese-made stainless steel

* Elegantly polished

Product Feature

Coffee spoon length::13.5 cm

Dessert fork length::15 cm


Color available::Black, blue, and red

This remarkable set of coffee spoon and dessert fork brings out the best in an afternoon break. It is made of 18/8 high-grade stainless steel material and is polished to a mirror finish.

Each handle is ornamented with a theme design (in this case a soccer ball (which is available in black, blue, or red color)) to add excitement to the enjoyment of sipping coffee while relishing on a sumptuous dessert.

The soccer theme ornament is created in salute to the upcoming World Soccer events. Other customized designs can also be used for the ornament on handle tip. .