Y-handle Vegetable Shredder


* LFGB, SGS approved

* Well ground and tempered stainless steel blade

* Sharp toothed edges

* Non-slip grip handle with eye gouger

* Y-shaped

Product Feature

* Blade: 18/0-grade Japanese-made stainless steel    

* Handle: ABS

This handy food preparation utensil features a sharp-toothed blade made of 420-grade stainless steel, the finest ever. It's attached to a sturdy Y-shaped ABS handle with deep, short groves lining each side for extra grip. And it measures 17.5cm from end to end and 48mm for the entire length of the blade. The HL-0311 Vegetable Shredder also features an eye gouger to allow removing of eyes from a potato simple and in an instant.